Broadway star Patti LuPone has the best response to the idea of performing for Donald Trump


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She totally Patti LuPwned him.


“Because I hate the motherfucker, how’s that?”


I’ll have more of that please.


There’s every reason to think she’d be equally unequivocal with The Donald.

Need more, need now.


Fox headline: Foul-mouthed Liberal Elite Threatens President During Hysterical Tirade Against Free Speech!


Hilarious, and yet I wish they’d ended with her so she could have had the last word!


You forgot to mention the NEA.


Hey, don’t be dragging teachers into this. They already deal with enough immature children.


Good for her. Unfortunately, the donald does not seem, er, prone to theatre. I hope that she will extend her stance to Pence. It would have been hilarious (pun intended) had ‘Hamilton’ simply refused to perform for him.

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