Public appearance backfires as Trump photo op turns to humiliation

Originally published at: Trump flipped off at public appearance


That’s Bill Burr’s wife, Nia Renee Hill!

ETA: I’m pretty sure neither of them are there to see Kid Rock nor Trump.


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Bill Burr is interesting because he sometimes makes lots of jokes about political correctness going too far, so some people assume he has certain political leanings, but he very much doesn’t. Not that he’s a radical lefty, but he sure as hell ain’t MAGA. He also used to rag on Star Wars fans, and then he ended up a fan favorite in the Mandalorian.


I’m surprised he didn’t claim “I’m still #1!”


OK, so I want to see The Fanta Menace get booed as much as the next person, but one person flipping off the d!ck doesn’t make it a humiliation.

Here’s a better headline: “Brave attendee at UFC event flips off Mango Mussolini in a crowd full of sycophants.”


I think I’ve shared this story but I love sharing it so…

Right after he was elected he had a rally near us because that’s what’s presidents do.

Me, my wife and our daughter got tickets. The goal of me and our daughter was to get inside and heckle him and his supporters. My wife went along in case we needed bail money and try to keep us civil.

He gave out way too many tickets so we couldn’t get inside, after we got bored laughing at people we decided to go out to eat.

We had to park about a mile away, as we were heading back some state cops said we couldn’t go that way, but my car. They said no one was allowed down that road til after he goes by.

Goes by? We’ll wait.

I stood in a field about 20 feet from his motorcade, I was nervous because I was way out in the open with 100s of his supporters very close.

Our daughter was live Facebooking it, all of her friends were telling her to tell me to flip him off.

She said no need, wait for it.

We made eye contact as he went by and then I saluted him, it was glorious.

My wife and daughter know that photo goes front and center on my memorial board at the funeral.

Our family bonds in some unusual ways.


I guess she’s not going to be holding up a Blacks for Trump sign at his next rally


I see no humiliation. Certainly Trump does not look humiliated. (Not that he would, but if someone had humiliated him he’d look angry/sulky as only he can.)


The only places I’ve ever seen him look humiliated were in various courtrooms where he’s the defendant. More of that, please.


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