Patricia Arquette tweets cryptic warning to Trump about "gossip on the streets"

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Hope Patricia isn’t holding her breath…


She tweeted that it is in Drumpf’s interest to act adult, but he sees it exactly the opposite way. The more immature, ill mannered, and piggish he acts, the more adulation he gets from the stupid goons who voted for him. And that’s all he cares about. The only people he pays any attention to are the idiots who idolize him, and the only things he pays any attention to are money are adulation. To act like an adult you have to be adult, and Drumpf is frozen at an emotional age of about 9 - and a spoiled, selfish 9 at that.


Seriously. Why wait? Spill it Patricia!


[quote]Actress Patricia Arquette reacted to Trump’s childish “bleeding badly from a face-lift” tweet yesterday with a cautionary tweet of her own: “Remove this tweet. There is a lot of gossip about you on the streets that hasn’t been in the press-yet.”[/quote]Well, dang, if she’d only been a little faster, Trump might have had a chance to act on her advice before anyone else saw that tweet. /s


At a certain point you are going to open the floodgates of hell against you

  1. One can only hope.
  2. If not now, when?

She’s probably just tricking him into outing himself through his own paranoia. Genius really.



Oh man, I hope it’s the legal documents from his botched hand-reduction surgery



The issue here is this…

We all know there is gossip.
We all know there is evidence to prove out some of that gossip as truth.
We all know what he has been admittedly caught doing and saying.
We all know he could NOT care less that we think its awful.
We all know his base could NOT care less that we think its awful.

So why are we being the mature adults and not letting out every disgusting filth-laden piece if gossip and evidence there is? The longer it goes that no one does, the more he and his base just say “They got nothing.”

When I remind my kids I will ground them, or take away their phone, or whatever punishment, there comes a point I have to just do it. They have to feel the actual repercussions to understand it isn’t an idle threat.

Just do it. It is for the better of all of us to just let everything spill…out him under a microscope.

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Rumored OH GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE HE SAID THAT tapes from the set of The Apprentice.

I think there is a benefit to spacing out the leaks. Trump has had marvelous timing in dropping his own “bombs;” his latest tweets have embarrassed the GOP just when they need to be on their best game going into the health care battle.

Arquette would serve us best by dropping her bomb when Trump is on the verge of pulling something off.

Maybe when he is overseas, meeting with Putin. Just imagine his press appearances…


Is there a “rubbing hands together with gleeful anticipation” gif?


She propably doesn’t have any concrete information, but assuming there is more dirt on Trump that can be released is a pretty safe bet.


That’s not fair to nine year olds.


We’re talking about a guy with extensive, documented ties to the NYC and Russian mob (and government), who bragged on tape about molesting women, and whose ex-wife divorced him for violently raping her. Oh, and he bragged about settling out of court to avoid charges of racial discrimination when he was a landlord.

That better be some damn fine ‘gossip’ to compete with what America already knew when they hired the guy.


[quote=“quorihunter, post:11, topic:103875”]So why are we being the mature adults and not letting out every disgusting filth-laden piece if gossip and evidence there is?[/quote]Well… Presumably, at the moment we can imagine a day that Trump leaves office (hopefully without wrecking all everything first), and everyone agrees that the whole thing was a terrible experience, and politics returns to some bygone era of sanity. Or at least, that’s something we’d like to imagine. There was an era of sanity at some point, wasn’t there?

Perhaps there is some reluctance to dig even deeper into the hole, and a desire to turn away from some horrible future where even hope is dead, sober discussion of pertinent issues is a fantasy, and everything turns into celebrity deathmatch mud wrestling.

  1. If there is some sort of career destroying gossip - with actual evidence - why would anyone be holding back at this point?

  2. Jesus Christ, our President has basically turned the office into high school bathroom stall, only he is using twitter.


IMO, anyone who has info that can help take Trump down, but is withholding it, is guilty of treason.


This isn’t about being civil. This is about presenting the horrific facts of this monster to get him out before he does real damage.