Bronze sculpture of a cracked-open boulder looks like enormous forbidden snack

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The problem (as I see it) is that once the bronze tarnishes, much of the effect will be lost. And I can’t imagine how you would keep it polished. In my experience, any attempt at sealing the surface will eventually fail and end up making things worse.


Makes a living for conservators though!


Texture it so it will retain the looks as the patina develops. MMmm, chunky peanut butter.

A dandy way of relieving the 1% of chunks of their excess cash. One of his other sculptures is listed on his site at 19K Euros ($21,597 US, $28,532 CDN). I imagine the cracked-open boulder is in the 25K Euros range due to increased difficulty and labor to match the bronze work to both stone halves.

Ferrero Rock-cher.




It would make integrating the work with the rest of the room considerably trickier; but for a suitably expensive art piece my first thought would be to try to solve the ‘air’ problem rather than coat the surface. Nitrogen of high purity is fairly inexpensive and visually indistinguishable from air(to humans, under standard conditions, I’m sure that the missing oxygen sticks out like a sore thumb if you know what to look for and are looking for it); and an enclosure sealed well enough that any leakage will be out rather than in if it’s given periodic top-ups to maintain a modest positive pressure is pretty doable.


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Space Attraction II is 27,000 Euro. It is 47 kg.

Space Attraction I is 400 kg.

Scale up labor costs and materials as you think appropriate.

Yes! I knew it was reminding of something.

there are no stone halves, it’s all bronze

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