Browser game: Late Night Driver


Requires creating an account, or a farcebook account, plus a browser install? No thanks. Pass.

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Doesn’t, actually. The only thing it needs is a Unity browser plugin. At least it did not ask me for anything but permission to run the previously installed plugin, and then it worked.

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This just makes me wonder which active login I’d forgot to kill just signed in for me.

Looks like one just needs to login if you want to track your score.

You Must Login to Score
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It didn’t require creating an account for me, and Unity is a pretty common browser plugin if you ever play games on the web – it’s basically like installing Flash, but (AFAIK) isn’t used for popping up crappy ads everywhere else on the web.

However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend installing it for this game alone…

I, for one, am a fan of Rob’s one-line reviews regardless of subject. See that elegant semicolon use? Good stuff.

Went to page. Watched ad. Was asked to download Unity plugin. Installed. Reloaded page. Watched ad. Was told I had the wrong version of the plug in. Went to Unity page and downloaded plugin. Installed. Reloaded game page. Watched ad. Was told I had the wrong version of the plug in. Restarted browser. Reloaded game. Watched ad. Was told I had the wrong version of the plug in.

I now suspect that THIS IS THE GAME. Interesting concept but poor implementation. It’s boring and frustrating, the controls aren’t intuitive and the documentation is nonexistent. F minus.


That’s pretty much how I felt about Sisyphus: Reloaded. What it lacks in gameplay it makes up for in longevity.


We can probably agree that’s not necessarily a recommendation … even though we all use it.

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They must have stolen that game idea from someone else. I just know I’ve played it many, many times before.

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Bah to Unity!

I don’t know about that. I see more Flash than Unity for online games. Now, Java and Shockwave are very rare. :wink:

Which one was the original?

From the comments: russia simulator.

Rob, I disagree. The song gets annoying immediately. What is that, a nine-second loop?

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