Bruce Sterling's closing remarks from SXSW Interactive: who isn't in the room?


Here is the video I shot from the audience. Better than audio only :wink:


Use the DownloadHelper browser plugin to get the mp3 source files:)

He forgot to mention me.

I’m a big fan of Sterling, but this was fitting for a gathering that hasn’t realized that it’s already dead. Viva some obscure euro-apparatchiks! Viva, Snowden’s book deal!

Was I supposed to care about them? Was SXSW supposed to matter?


Too busy surviving to care about the “social” life. Maybe some hipsters got a kick out of it.

“the future is full of cities full of old people who are scared of the sky”

Can someone explain this, since it is blocked for me?

Maybe climate change? And cities so expensive only monied elders can afford them?

Oh, okay. I thought it was drones, spying, tin-foil hats a la ageism.

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The video is almost exactly 7 seconds ahead of the sound recording… and they complete each other.
Is there an on-line muxer like a youtube splitter… looking now

EDIT: Dragontape seemed promising but you only get one track… just click play on a noticeable phrase, the audio is much better than the video’s version.

He’s talking about aging millenials and the effects of urbanization and potential displacement a la Katrina (or those who can afford to relocate) due to catastrophic climate events. Kinda bleak. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe a more pertinent question is where Silicon Valley will decamp after the Google Bus rioters chase the tech companies (and their taxes) out of California. I’m betting on Texas.


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Actually, Sterling predicts in his talk that it will happen, and that they’ll land in Austin (and similar places), but that climate change, and thus drought, will drive them out of CA.

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I can share the source video with you. It does not seem out of sync on my end.

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