Bruce Sterling's SXSW 2016 closing remarks


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I’ll uh, just leave this over here:

#3 works too.


Privacy Badger’s grinning mug looms over the play control.

Warren Ellis posted a neat parallel kind of speech about the future:

Hmm, only available via his newsletter. Usually @bruces posts it to his Ello account within a day or two:


I get Warren’s newsletter but didn’t notice a link to audio of a speech or did you mean his essay?


Ah, I see what you mean.

To clarify: The essay at the end of ORBITAL OPERATIONS was the text of Warren’s speech.


Ok. I listened to this all the way through, and unless I misunderstood what he is saying did he just endorse donald trump, the former president bush and micro$oft? And also use orwellian doublespeak like “conservatives are liberals”?


Sterling is a futurist. And in the future, some of our present distinctions will seem petty or irrelevant or quaint.


Yes, you misunderstood.

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