Bruce Sterling's SXSW 2017 keynote: what should humans do?

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cough cough


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Audio of Sterling’s addresses always make an enjoyable accompaniment to a nice long weekend walk.


Thanks! Wired has decided that Firefox (without plugins) in Private mode is itself an adblocker so I was going to have to remember to come back once my month long boycott is over. Cory would be proud. I told them what they did to piss me off. :laughing:


Listen to mp3 of audio here for podcast apps.

Huffduffer let’s you make a personal podcast feeds and has a bookmarklet that uses a related service to pull audio from YouTube videos, SoundCloud pages, and other sites.

My feed is


I like the idea of a new chairman Bruce SciFi novel. Return to the Schismatrix (2.0)

Did he say novel or just say book? He’s written a bit of nonfiction.

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