Bruce Sterling's Long Now talk: what it means to perform futurism

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Thanks Bruce.
Thanks @doctorow.

I enjoyed hearing Bruce in long[er] form.

I try hard to keep an open mind wrt Stewart Brand’s POV because I respect much of his work, including The Well, Whole Earth Catalog, Coevolution Quarterly, and of course Long Now..

Still find myself agreeing with Sterling more of the time instead.

Looking forward to the Jon Lebkowski / Bruce Sterling “State of the World” exchange, some of which are archived here:

(Here’s last year’s, which Cory did post here at bb in December of last year)



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This… and Exene Czervenka’s comment from 1980: " The World’s A Mess; It’s In My Kiss" … *

… which, when I now look at the cover of the album the song comes from, means a very different thing in light of all those wildfires in California. The album cover is nearly a 1980 prediction of 2018.


No one is united
And all things are untied
Perhaps we’re boiling over inside
They’ve been telling lies…

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I couldn’t help but watch Kevin Kelly and Stewart Brand squirming in their seats as Bruce rambled on about the “light cone”… and our dismal future.

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