Bruce Sterling's state of the world, 2014 edition


I’m only on the first page, but I just have to say how much I love Sterling’s way of putting things:

Google was going wild in early 2013, they were like android demigods.
Now Google is, all of a sudden, presto, Russia

Larry and Sergei used to be the Not-Evil Guys, they empowered the users and won their instinctive trust. Now, if Snowden entered the boardroom of Google, Larry and Sergei would shriek in falsetto like the Wicked Witches of the West and melt into two puddles of black wax.

He’s like that uncle who never learned how to talk down to kids, so he’d just drop these mind-shattering revelations about Santa Claus and then wonder why you were crying.


Sterling really does seem to have his finger on the pulse in a way that is frighteningly dead-on. It’s crazy to think about how accurate Islands in the Net has ended up being.

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