Brutal/primitive lamp/charging station

And then you’d be $194 dollars richer…

Yeah I have a functionally equivalent device beside my bed. It runs off a USB power source, has an LED lamp and a touch operated switch which is easy to use in the dark, as well as USB out for my kindle. It has no retro style but I kind of like living in 2014.

It looks like it needs a large steel ball bearing rolling down a ramp to flip the switch on.


Almost as overpriced as it is ugly.


I know a naked emperor who would LOVE this.


I know a guy who has a knife switch for the lights in his basement - he switched the whole thing over to 12V so the knife switch isn’t hazardous.

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Hehe, we’re not trying to be sensible here. Of course there are high-power high voltage manual switches designed not to arc or to short bare skin for that matter, but they are too safe to be cool.

This design is almost certainly ‘inspired’ by a reddit /r/DIY thread from last year:

This looks like one of my more successful DIY projects. Only more polished-looking.

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I am pro-knife switch though. The “control” panel my son and I are building has a knife switch that he absolutely requires be a part of it, just boring 12V though. If we could get the arc effect without killing ourselves…

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I like the bedside light all in one idea, though not this basement style as above.
Lets see, 220v euro power strip1/2 kept for internal connections, four port USB with 2000mA/h charge ports, LED or florescent lamp, Qi charge pad, Bluetooth AD2P stereo to amp to nice shelf top speakers, maybe AA/AAA charger


Mmm…I think I can do it for $75? The lamp cage looks like a re-purposed old safety work lamp attached to a heavy duty outlet box. I think the most expensive thing would be the USB/power outlet combo. 15-Amp White Decorator Duplex Electrical Outlet is about 25-30$ at Lowes.

So, is this for those audio people that pay 100 times for cabling?

that’s not much of a toggle switch - this is the commencing launch sequence alpha flip cover toggle switch you’re looking for -

and anyway, honestly, that’s some pretty basic parts just glommed together

here’s a real deal assemblage artist -

or how about this anglerfish lamp made from bits and pieces -


Good for you! How about buying (or building – geez, the ones I see for sale online are expensive!) a wimshurst generator to play with sparks. I had one when I was a kid, and it’s about as safe as a few hundred thousand volts can ever get – safer than tesla coils and van-de-graaff generators, anyway.

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It would probably be a lot cheaper, so … no.

I dunno, I kind of like the aesthetic of this piece. It’s something I probably would have built myself if I still worked in a scene shop. But for use in a functional space I probably would have included a wider base to minimize tip-over (and used a shatter-proof bulb in case it did) and utilized a covered outlet to prevent sawdust buildup in the USB ports.

I was just thinking of making a literal knife switch…
Something like this little guy where you stick the knife in to close the circuit.

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Love it, but fumbling around in the dark looking for the lamp switch might be a dicey operation…

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