Buffalo Bills tailgate party gets a bit too lit when one fan catches fire (video)

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/01/22/buffalo-bills-tailgate-party-gets-a-bit-too-lit-when-one-fan-catches-fire-video.html


If he wanted a toasty tush, he should’ve visited the boingboing shop.


Did they all miss “Stop, drop, and roll” day back in elementary school?


Football smfh. I used to watch it - but as the years go by I like it less and less - much of it because of the “fans” (but not all).

Sadly the Bills are done for the season… and even if he is a Lions fan I doubt he’s headed across the country to watch them play the 49ers.

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It’s videos like these that make this Canadian yearn for privatized healthcare.

They also taught you not to play with fire and yelled at you for rough housing… so I don’t think they learned much from elementary school.

How 'bout them Chiieeefffsss??


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