New Orleans Saints fan destroys TV with a single punch

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Saints: lose
Angry Saints Fan: RRAARRRGGH! SMASH!
Other Saints Fan: What?! Was it a spider?!? looks around nervously
Angry Saints Fan: Man…that just pissed me off, man.
Other Saints Fan: Oh. What a relief. I hate spiders.


I’ll never understand this kind of anger, provoked by a… game?


Just not as impressive as an old CRT teevee punching.

Or going full Elvis and shooting it.


I’ll never understand this kind of reaction full stop.

[you are angry at something]
smash expensive electronics
[you are now angry at the original thing plus having to replace the thing you just broke]


A flat screen TV in a single punch? That’s like bragging that you can crush a beer can after they switched to extruded aluminum instead of rolled steel.

Let’s see him put his fist through a picture tube.


Just ask “the hammer of C Block”.


Need to go back and stream that .


I always have someone on hand to film me watching sports events, nothing weird about that at all - Nor is watching hours of football standing up in the bedroom shirtless. Nope not odd at all.


Recreation via Simpsons


In our YouTube/America’s Funniest Videos world, I would certainly film a relative who tends to fly off the handle because of sports, especially in a championship game “their” team is in that’s down to the wire.

To me the video doesn’t imply he’s just been standing around watching the entire game like that; more likely he had been watching it while chilling in bed, got up and got close when it was at a tense moment, and lashed out like a loon when it went bad because SPORTS!

And not wearing a shirt in the bedroom? Totally insane, to be sure.


You’re lucky to not have anger issues. I didn’t grow out of mine until my late 30s, when I finally concluded that life is mostly bullshit that seems designed to piss me off. Realistic approach to life? Probably not, but at least I’ve stopped punching walls and throwing shit when my blood starts to boil.

So while I understand the reaction, I just don’t understand it in relation to football. To each their own though. Having been one who hurled a controller at a wall across the room because of a dumbass video game, I’m certainly not going to cast the first stone.


Why not? There’s plenty of drama in football.

Has a movie ever made you cry? Same thing.


Hold my beer and watch this!


Strong emotional reactions to sporting events are nothing unusual. I’ve had plenty myself. Not this strong but certainly intense enough to stick in my mind for many years (e.g.1986 Red Sox) until replaced by a superceding event (e.g. 2004 Red Sox).

Attachments to sporting teams is hard to understand. Why some people get excited about a game played by a bunch of people not even from their local region is strange and all this “we” stuff when talking about how the team did is even stranger. Yet I’ve gotten wrapped up in it.

I guess it’s more about relationships with other fans because ever since moving away from the crowd I used to watch a lot of games with I really don’t care at all what happens with the local teams. I saw a magazine on the convenience store counter the other day celebrating the Red Sox win in the 2018 World Series and thought “Oh yeah…I guess that happened.” I know they’ve won several times since 2004 but I doubt I could name the years (or even how many).


Yeah, i often get told i’m pretty laid back by other people, to the point it can be a problem in itself. As when something does truly make me angry, which has happened only a few times in my life, i really don’t know how to handle it and just shut down into a quivering blob :stuck_out_tongue:


People who do not understand football believe there is nothing to understand. This is called the Dunning-Krueger effect.


i’m not a sportsball person, so there’s that, but i can’t think of ANYTHING i’m interested in and even passionate about that would make me do something like this. sportsball people are mind-boggling.


We have a couple of those fake rocks - you know, foam rubber painted over to look like chunks of granite - that we keep on hand whenever we need to vent at the TV. Satisfying to throw, yet harmless to to (expensive) television.


I wouldn’t get too high and mighty about someone who wrecks their TV because of a blown sporting game. I have heard several anecdotes from people who have smashed their computer/gaming console when things don’t go their way. My brother used to throw his controller at our Nintendo when he couldn’t beat his Super Mario record.

It all kind of smacks of virtue signalling - “look at me, I’m above becoming emotionally invested in a sporting event.” Like, sure, smashing a TV is probably not something you should do, but everyone is allowed to be entertained and sports* are a perfectly valid way of doing that. Why do we have to judge people based on their preferred method of escapism and fantasy?

But what does it matter if you were watching sports or a TV Show, or playing a computer game or whatever? None of these things inherently make you a better person. But the undercurrent is always that if you like sports, you are inferior.

*although I have problems with american football - of all the pro sports leagues out there, this one seems most designed to chew players up and spit them out.