Buffy the Vampire Slayer: let's slay whooping cough (with vaccines you guys)


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This one is going to be tough. I’ve already gotten the third degree on my Facebook feed from a lady who says that the vaccine causes more deaths than the disease and infringes on her religious rights.

For reference:

Big fat no to bill nye. I was good friends with his family thru
highschool. And his vaccine pushing agenda violates religious freedom.

whooping cough is being spread more by the vaccinated than the
unvaccinated. There is NOT an epidemic of people dying from the
diseases we vax against, but there IS an epidemic of children being
maimed by the vaccines.
Look at the HUNDREDS of deaths and permanent injuries from the whooping cough vaccines…

Now let’s look at the NINE deaths from pertussis in all of 2013. Basic math shows where risk lies:

It most certainly does violate my religion…and i find it insulting you
make a mockery of it. I will not inject aborted fetal cells, animal
cells, and countless toxins into my body. Body and health are sacred.
Our Constitution protects our religious freedom. Our government is to uphold that document .

Contracting pertussis and recovering is not big deal…as is measles. Chickenpox,
etc. Contracting auto immune disease, brain injuries, and a long list
of other vaccine ailments should be personal choice. If you want
that…great. I dont. That list above lists only THE WORST and life
altering injuries…the hundreds of thousands of “minor” vaccine
reactions don’t even make that list. My foster son with a frontal left
lobe damage, seizures, and life long impairments is not considered
severe enough to make that list. So if you factor in those “minor”
vaccine reactions, the numbers soar way above that of those contracting
the illnesses. And while we are on the subject of accurate reporting,
let’s address the cdc attributing deaths to things like measles when the
person died from other means. If an AIDS patient catches chickenpox
then dies, they blame the pox…but in truth it was the aids that truly
harmed his body to the point where a harmless disease could kill
him…yet they add this death to the stats as if chickenpox is
something we all should fear.

This is what you are up against if you’re trying to get rid of Whooping Cough. The idea that she was comparing two entirely different statistics (deaths in one year vs. deaths since records started being kept) was not something I was able to get through, nor that the deaths per year were low because of the vaccine, not in spite of it. I didn’t push the argument any further because I’ve seen how that goes and I have better things to do than argue with someone I don’t even know (friend of a friend) on the internet.


You can’t win against zealots. It’s not even worth trying.


9 people died of whooping cough and a single claim was filed saying someone died from Tdap and yet the evidence is supposed to support vaccines being bad? 25,000 reported cases, but we must stop all vaccination attempts because 159 unsubstantiated claims says there was injury or death!

I seriously hate people who skim the surface on a field and act as an expert, and a despise the ones that are lazy in their skimming and act as a belligerent expert in the field.


Great, first she taught our kids to worship the devil on her devil show, now she wants to convince us to take devil’s medicine. Such devilry with this one.


We still don’t have flying cars, we still use fossil fuels, people still cling to dogma and we need Buffy the Vampire Slayer to explain basic critical thinking to the masses.

This can’t be 2014. Someone please tell me this isn’t 2014.


Sure, no problem. IF you don’t vaccinate, you are not welcome to come within 100 yards of me or my child. Sorry, Facebook weirdo zealot former-friends. My religion forbids it. And has a gazillion scientific studies to back it up.


I dunno, I remember when shit like this was SF, and now it’s the Future. We’re fucked.


I’d be happy if we could just get Buffy to stab Ms. McCarthy through her vampire heart with a stake…


If your children are vaccinated then why would you care?

Thought that shit worked for Real Yo…


Herd immunity.

Think of it in RPG game terms:

If you are vaccinated you get “80% evade disease”, else you have “10% evade disease”. Give it enough attempts and it will “hit” you. Even if vaccinated.

If everyone is vaccinated, the disease has a really tough time trying to spread, it has to overcome the “evasion” several times in a row.

If few people are vaccinated, many “fail the roll”, and each diseased person is one more roll against the vaccinated.


Not sure if you’re trolling, but the minimum age for first TDaP vaccine is 6 weeks, and even with scheduled immunizations:

“Pertussis vaccines are effective, but not perfect. They typically offer
high levels of protection within the first 2 years of getting
vaccinated, but then protection decreases over time. This is known as
waning immunity.”


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The two replies above are both true and important. I’m going to add a few more important points:

  1. A whole bunch of diseases don’t have vaccines for children under, say, 1 year old. Other vaccines don’t work very well on their first dose, so children aren’t fully protected until they are a year old, or older. So these youngsters rely on the people who are old enough to vaccinate to protect them. This is why I don’t let “vax-haters” come near my kids. Even if they think they are perfectly healthy, they could infect children.

  2. Another common complaint: “It used to be that everyone just had chickenpox and mumps, so it’s really no big deal.” Some of the “vax-haters” will actually give their kids chicken pox and mumps, figuring “a minor case now beats getting really sick later” – and to an extent, that’s almost true – if you get mumps as a grown-up, it really, really sucks. The problems are:
    a) A small percentage of kids will get “really sick” now, and
    b) Adults actually do get sick later even if they had a childhood infection.

Suffice it to say, the odds of getting really sick are vastly higher with these infection parties than ANY side effects of getting vaccinated.

Also, I would advise that you DO NOT google search images of extreme cases of these “mostly harmless” childhood diseases – they’re utterly horrifying.

Anyway, I’ve heard a lot of people say, “Results of vaccinations so good that people have forgotten how bad the diseases are, and therefore they argue about getting vaccinated.”

I always liked Buffy, and now I have another reason to like Sarah-Michelle Geller!


Can I use that in discussions with antivaxxers? I think it’s a great metaphor.

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Sure :slight_smile:

OK, I’m going to quote it and post it on the Pro-Vaccine Parenting Group on Facebook.

So folks know…

Should anyone you know and love become infected with pertussis, it’s not a laughing matter, and it’s not a quick recovery. If you’ve got any immune issues, you won’t be seeing them for up to 3 months.

The Tdap is definitely worth getting. Here are the current numbers from the CDC.


And this chart shows the number of cases in relationship to the introduction of various vaccines.

Also, you can get your TDAP when pregnant. In fact, its recommended by the CDC. It takes at least two weeks post vaccination to hit full effectiveness, if I recall correctly, so if you get the shot before the baby is born, you lessen the chances of exposing your baby to pertussis before they can get their vaccination. That’s what I did. My husband got the shot before Althea was born, as well. And so did our parents.

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I ended up getting the TDAP twice because my GP gave me one a few months before the baby was born, and I got one a few days afterwards, at the local pharmacy.

As it happens, TDAP is “dead bugs” so there is close to zero risk (ie. the main risk is injection site infection).

So that’s what I tell my pal who won’t get vaccinated – I liked it so much I got it TWICE.

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