Bug. Auto scroll up to ingress point when browsing threads with gifs

I haven’t been able to nail this down properly but often, when browsing threads containing a few (animated) gifs like the gif bank if I scroll down past a few of the posts and settle on one, then scroll up a line, the browser will automatically scroll up past all of the posts I’ve scrolled through, to the point at which I started browsing the thread.

I just tried this with the link I posted above which loads the thread from the first post and did not get the bug.

So this is only happening when I browse to the thread from




I imagine it’s got something to do with the way in which discourse remembers the point to which you had last browsed so it can start you up from that point for the new posts.

It’s been going on for a while now but didn’t seem to happen all the time, now it’s happening all the time (under the conditions I just described) and… well, here I am, complaining.

Firefox 41.0.2 on Windows 7 Pro

Razer Deathadder 2.5 Mouse is set to scroll 3 lines at a time in control panel, but this also happens when browsing on mobile and on a laptop, using the touchpad.


I see this behavior on my Android tablet with Chrome, and in Win7 Chrome.

A small scroll up results in many posts passing in an instant.

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I have no problems with desktop Firefox, but Firefox mobile is just bonkers with page repositioning.

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So this is specific to image topics? It does not happen in all (or mostly all) text topics?

Possibly due to hotlinked images we don’t know the size of, since they are coming from external websites and included as a raw URL not an image tag with known dimensions?

Another complication, external GIFs can be so large that we don’t pull them in as local copies.


I just had a scroll up (although much smaller) in the png and jpg thread.

I think I’ve only noticed it in image threads and for sure in gif heavy threads.

Mobile users may have a different experience as I’ve noticed a lot of weird browser behaviour on me phone.

did a little testing in the png thread and I think you are right. If I scroll down to the last two posts, cocaine kitty and old man dog. If I can see any of old man dog (an imgur link) post and then scroll up it jumps, if all I can see is cocaine kitty (pasted images) then I can scroll up without issue.

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