Bugs with the new BBS system


In Safari, on an iPod touch, all dates/times are displayed as “> NaNy”


I wonder, is the time on your iPad right, could it perchance be set to some time in the future?


That didn’t fix it. I set my time back by a minute at a go, and checked each time, and when I refreshed I saw no change.


What version of ios are you running? We only support 6 or later.


4.2, but this model can only upgrade to 5.1


i don’t get it. am i doing it wrong?
#setting changed

#go to “new”

#navigate away

#go back to new–same stuff, slightly different ranking

actually, i wouldn’t care about any of this if you’d only let me see topics ranked chronologically by OP. that would be much preferable and would really help me in my browsing.


You have to leave for a substantial amount of time. Like 10+ minutes. Otherwise it’s considered the same “visit” to the website.


Same thing is happening on my in-law’s iMac. Safari 4.1 on OS X 10.4


Safari 4.1 is not a browser we support unfortunately, it ends up being fairly unsustainable to add mountains of hack to support old web browsers that are mostly out of commission.


hmm, OK. If i change my browsing habits, i can make this work for me. any chance we can get a chronological ranking to the topic OPs? pretty please?


Then perhaps a cleaner failure mode is required. NaNy (and badly positioned login and reply boxes) just give the appearance of a broken website. It doesn’t tell the end user that they should look into investing in newer equipment.


That is a fair point, we have this kind of functionality for old IE, we should widen the net to old Safari as well.


Any chance of making the “Unread (n)” button able to reload itself, if you know what I mean?


Sorry, not sure I am following, we try to keep the unread count “correct” via the message bus, there are some open edge cases.

What do you exactly mean here?


I tend to open some chosen unread topics in new tabs. After having done so for a few, I would like to be able refresh, in order to see which topics remain unread. Since the ‘Unread’ button currently does nothing when one is on the http://bbs.boingboing.net/unread page, I have to either refresh the page, or click ‘Latest’ (or ‘New’) then click back to ‘Unread’.

In short, I’d like ‘Unread’ to reload http://bbs.boingboing.net/unread even when already on that page.


Interesting, my ideal solution here is to live refresh that list as well, at least remove the “unread” indicator and fix the number as you browse.

In the mean time, I pretty decent workaround (except for the obvious hit the refresh button) is to use the Suggested Topics list:

We float unread to the top of it, live.


That’d be fine too, I guess, but any reason why what I’ve suggested couldn’t be done?

I don’t actually know where ‘Suggested Topics’ is anymore (but I don’t really need it). Anyhow, I’ve got workarounds, but it could be simpler…


It is about 300 pixels under your post (and this post). ↓ ↓

It is at the bottom of every topic.


It can be done, we already do something similar on the homepage when you click BBS, not against adding that change.


So it is; still, it’s not a feature that I, personally, need.