Building the world's biggest and deepest swimming pool... for science!

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Why so deep for space applications? The pressure drop in space is only 1 atm (in the opposite direction). I understand the use of buoyancy to simulate microgravity, but you don’t need super deep for that, right?


Oh Damn, you went and ruined it.


You can’t fit a scale model of the ISS (or any significant portion thereof) in an ordinary swimming pool.


Think of the cannon ball jumps you could do in that baby!


I dunno, this one looks like it could fit in a kiddie pool.

What’s really weird is that the official NASA shop lists it as ISS, when it’s clearly Mir. Thank goodness we have more qc checks on the Mars rover missions than the NASA shop.


Looks inviting, especially with all that gear floating around. Pity it’s not for everyone, but here are some second-best destinations (links partially broken):

not 50m, but 33 and 40 are not so shabby either! With that very clean water, it’s really like looking in the abyss. Brrrr.

Then wide would be better (and easier?) than deep?

My bet is within the first year there will be a “gentleman gets his penis stuck in the suction hole” incident.

The article says it’s just as wide as it is deep.

Just watch out that a bear family doesn’t wander through.


It’s not only for space applications but also for marine applications.
I doubt they’ll test any of the space gear at full depth. Except maybe a crewed return capsule to train for a wet Grissom event.


Yeah, but for safety do your bombs in the deep end.

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They have been touting this for years, but at different locations.
Hopefully it will happen this time and will be available to members of the public when not in use for science stuff

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