The International Space Station is full of holes. Here's why


I don’t think seven is enough to fill the Albert Hall.


Whoever picked the URL for the main story, bravo:

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I thought the holes were there so the 'nauts could get in and out.

It’s an O-ring holding back about 14 psi. That’s … trivial. I mean, it’s critical that it works, but that’s not a lot of pressure at all. Hundreds of PSI would be considered “low pressure”. It’s a solved problem with lots of standard guides to how to make it work.

I’m more impressed that the O-rings have continued to work over time. Proper lubrication and preventing cracking are problems with these type of seals and it’s not like someone can go out there with a grease gun.

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I’m guessing one of the big problems must be the temperature changes, off the top of my head it must be hundreds of degrees difference between being in sunlight and being in shadow, not to mention that your lubrication will slowly evaporate into space over time.

Meme away!

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