Bulleit family, of bourbon whiskey fame, denounced by daughter

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Well guess that one is off the list… I have been partial to the Trader Joe’s brand of late which is quite nice for under $20.


Meh it wasn’t that much better than other stuff out there. Good for the price but as I stated above it more or less got booted by Trader Joes.


I was tempted to say that Bulleit was off the list as a result of this. While I like bourbon a great deal, and drink far too much of it, I didn’t like Bulleit that much to begin with.

Either way, I guess I’m not drinking it.


Yep, that’s exactly how alcoholics, and children, behave.


The real buried lede here is that this is yet another Diageo brand. Nothing specifically against the company, just surprising how many brands of booze are quietly all owned by the same 4-6 companies at this point. It’s just as bad as the media conglomerates.

Glad to see this sort of thing brought to light, though, because really, it’s 2017. Curious to see how this plays out.


From the Diageo website:

I have met Hollis a few times. She is the most delightful person. I have also seen some of this unfold online but am in no way an insider on the events. She has been selling her possessions most recently to get by. From what I saw she put everything she had into the family company and they turned on her for being who she has always been. This wasn’t just another job. It was her life and passion. It has been heart breaking to watch her lose everything. But she is smart and creative and I look forward to whatever ever she does next.


Which is why we don’t ONLY vote with our wallets on things like this.

We organize to see the fullest extent of the law applied.

How can we help?


I’m not sure. Each posts on this is long with hundreds of replies. Yesterday she thanked everyone for all of the positive support. She said that she hadn’t gone to the press yet because she still hopped she could come to a amiable resolution with her family and former company.

Her ebay sales are at paintinghiro5 (http://www.ebay.com/usr/paintinghiro5?_trksid=p2047675.l2559)
I wish I had the money to buy the Mark Ryden paiting.

I see she has some hashtags she is promoting: #whereshollis and #hollisismyhero

Follow her on the social medias you regularly use.

There has not been a call to arms so far. From what i have seen she wants to come to a fair deal between all parties. She isn’t looking to smear anyone. Right now, for example they are still using her image for advertising when it fits the demographics.

If you like whimsical, creative women that don’t back down in the face of a multi-billion dollar company. Give her a follow.
If I hear of anything more specific to do i will share it.


including the increasingly viable ‘empowered homophobe fuckwit’ demographic, sadly.

Thank you for that summary and ideas. I’ll check that out.


Shot that out to all my friends! Hope she sees some sales from it. Thank you Sir for the link!


I really love their Rye…but yeah, I will not buy a single bottle from them again. NOPE!


Bulleit bourbon pairs well with a sandwich from Chick Fil A.


best enjoyed in the parking lot at Hobby Lobby.


Yeah, I found it was pretty decent but priced above its quality compared to other brands readily available where I am.

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This might help:



joking aside. it was really good with spicy fried chicken to be honest. There are plenty of alternatives.

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Yeah, part of me never wants to give more money to these huge conglomerates, but on the other hand Diageo owns Guinness, which I love, and Johnnie Walker might be the only blended Scotch I think is worth drinking.


Bulleit is mass-produced rubbish. I say this not as a bourbon “aficionado” with a preference for another brand, but as a distiller. Bulleit is made by MGPI, along with almost every other “rising star” aged spirit such as Whistle Pig, Sagamore Spirits, Tin Cup and about a million more.

That article is a little out of date and it has since been confirmed that they are using MGP. Basically, almost anything claiming to be craft that is a) widely distributed and b) carries an aging statement over 2 years is full of shit. They are all buying exactly the same stuff from the same producers and slapping their label on it.

Want some authentic bourbons? Look for a local small-scale producer here:


Then ask them if they are producing or blending and bottling. Many distilleries buy stock and blend to get product out the door earlier and then switch to their own production once it matures. I have zero problem with this, but companies like the ones mentioned above turn my stomach.