Bumblefuck Watch: Notwithstanding Doug Ford's court loss, he's going nuclear

After his phone-sex line burp, er, phone sex-ed snitch line, for puritans and stazi to report teachers unwilling to roll back the sex-ed curriculum to the last century, he’s finally hit the Big Time.

His plan to redistrict Toronto from 47 to 25 city councilors in the middle of an election hit a snag when the court said “Ha, no!”. Any rational person, if they had a dumb plan like that, would shrug and legislate that it’ll happen for the next Toronto election, but no.

Instead, he’s going to use the Canadian constitutional nuclear option of using the Notwithstanding Clause to override the court’s decision. Yes, provinces do have that power, but it’s like using a rocket launcher when the garage door opener battery dies.

With monumental lack of understanding, he justifies his “deep concern” by saying that he was elected, but the judge was appointed. Like Trump and his “national security” tariffs, I expect that this will be Doug’s favourite hammer for the next few years.

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Christ, what an asshole


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