Bummers more likely from placebo than 200 mics of LSD


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Well that certainly doesn’t help us demonize it. Damn you, science.


Well I would certainly be bummed to find I’d gotten the placebo…


I’d be especially bummed if they gave me the placebo and I started hallucinating anyway.




Don’t take the brown placebo.


“which reinforces the idea that simply knowing one is taking the psychedelic drug can produce a negative psychological reaction.”

How is this true (or how is this idea reinforced)? If the incidence of “bummers” was equal, sure. But it’s actually significantly less. What this does is reinforce the idea that real, non-LSD-using existence is more likely to produce a bummer.

Note: the last time I did LSD was in 1989, and it was awesome, and no, I’m not going to do it again.

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There could be something to this.

On the one hand, ordinary people don’t have a good grasp of how psychedelic drugs work. If you tell them you’ve given them what is to them essentially a mystery drug, one with a reputation of strange and complicated effects, they’re liable to become anxious about the onset of those effects.

Meanwhile, someone already feeling the effects of the actual drug may in fact simply be more at ease - either because they’ve already detected the expected effects and are acclimating to them, or because the effects themselves are placing the user into a less anxious state.

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There comes a point, where it’s kind of a battle to not hallucinate. This isn’t a good thing, mind…

Meow I always assumed this was the case. It’s been awhile, so I wonder how things might go if I took some meow.

Aye, my last go was about then too. I kinda wonder what it would be like now, though. 2-cb and it’s cousins are the nearest I’ve gone in decades.

It always does that to me. That placebo shit is messed up!

that’s exactly what not to do and the kind of thing that produces a bad trip… always go with it and know it will end. of course, you must be in a set&setting where going with it is feasible. note these in the experiment, were also dialoguing with a psychiatrist as needed/guided.

thanks, came here to say this. anticipating a come-on can be nerve wracking, of course. waiting for hours and hours must be awful. another story on this study that i read, said something like “subjects who received the low dose were afterwards allowed to ‘cross over’ and experience the full dose” ! which of course implies they still wanted to.

I meant, like, on a day-to-day basis.If I get too tired, or I do pretty much any drugs these days, my vision starts to twist. I used to do a lot of acid, amongst other things.

I’m not even a little shocked by this. I think most of the “badness” from hallucinogens is from fear and anticipation. When you take a hallucinogen, you really give up a huge amount of control. You are intentionally fucking with your ability to perceive reality. When you stop perceiving reality properly, you stop being able to react to it properly. Slap on top all of the propaganda that trumps to the dreaded “bad trip” to scare people away, and that is a lot of scary pre-trip feels you are going to be having. I have known people that will happily stuff the drug dealer party mix that is Ecstasy into their face which actually does cary some risk if you don’t know the source get nervous around a hallucinogen which is most certainly not going to hurt you.

It is a real shame too. I have absolutely not the faintest shred of doubt that the world would be a vastly better place if people took a “trip” over the weekend once or twice a year. It is a shit-ton cheaper, healthier, and more fun than going to Disney. Further, it is far more likely to leave you a happier person long after the trip is over.

Not everyone has the same psychological constitution when it comes to drug induced hallucinations, and it can be especially frightening to new users who are not prepared for the experience that they are embarking upon. While you and I might love to take a vacation of this sort, it may not be good for everyone.

That is true of literally everything. You might not respond well to caffeine, alcohol, pineapples, bread, or chocolate either. On the whole though? It really and truly is a good thing for the vast majority of people. I am sure it happens, but I have never met anyone who had a “bad trip” when they were in a safe and comfortable place with friends they trust. Like any trip, you need to prepare. Your more traditional trip is also going to suck if you arrive to the airport late, don’t pack clothing, go with people who don’t like or trust, and book it for Mogadishu.

I’m not saying that even someone who is playing it smart can’t have a bad time, just that the occurrence of it is radically over hyped in the insane “war on drugs”. Like in basically all discussions of drugs, the misinformation level is extreme.

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