Bundies charged over 2014 standoff

Arguably a good way to handle an 𝜶-bully. Give them all the rope they need.


this is a job for sad trombone


Bundy fought the Law, and the Law won!





It’s all about the long game. The guy broke the law (actually multiple laws), lost in court, and compounded his problems by refusing to accept the court’s decision and threatening violence. Being under armed guard on a remote ranch is an analog to being a fugitive here-- he just delayed the inevitable.

It’s now at the point where I’m thinking that this is the better of the Bundys:

I believe the correct pluralization is “Bundestag”.


Hopefully a couple extra years get added for pooping on the sacred grounds.

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And I assume a case is being made against all the asshats who can be identified in pictures or video committing various crimes during the 2014 standoff?

All of the armed “supporters”…

Cops are the best! Well, as long as they are shooting/arresting/beating those we disagree with! Yay justice!

I agree. Considering the usual trigger-happy attitude of US law enforcement, I’m impressed that they managed to keep cool, be patient, and now hopefully lock them up for a long time without anyone having to die for this.

Although I can’t help wondering if they’d managed to be just as cal and patient if the culprits had been black.

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