Burger King HQ tells Florida restaurant to stop mopping tables (video)

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I remember being impressed at a Wendy’s when I noticed they used a different sponge to wipe the tables than the one used to wipe the seats.

Using a floor mop on tables is some next-level stupid. I’m surprised the health department didn’t get in on that discussion.


Yuck factor is off the scales on that one.

@davide405 Health Department to the rescue…


“Let’s sit over by the restrooms.”


Reminds of a joke/urban legend where a high school was having problems with girls kissing the mirror in the bathroom and leaving lipstick on it. So one day the principle gathered several students and explained how hard it was to clean off the mirror and they should be more considerate of the janitor. And to demonstrate, the janitor then swished a brush in the toilet and proceeded to clean off the mirror with it.



It’s the kids section.
They have to bring out the big guns.


Extra points if they used it to mop the washrooms first!


I was having this thought the other day while seeing the guy who mops my apartment building hallway do his thing… are those type of mops made out of rope ever not disgusting? It seems to me they always look filthy and like they just smear the grossness around. I don’t know if other types of mop are better in any way, but it seems like people always let those things sit in water and collect that nasty old dishrag smell or in a best case scenario smell like way too much bleach.

The idea of using one on a table makes me wanna puke.


I worked at a Wendy’s in high school. The manager wouldn’t let you spray tables with cleaner, you had to spray the towel you were using to wipe them down, so you didn’t put an aerosol spray into the air near customers.

I’ve not been to one in a while, but I don’t think they’re as careful any more.


Of course in the end it all depends how much that minimum wage teenager gives a shit about the proper procedure and how well the rules are enforced. Turnover in fast food is so high that they won’t even bother to properly train new employees if the manager doesn’t think they’re going to last the week anyway.

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Mops on tables aside, why aren’t mops also suspended in chemical sanitizer like the cleaning rags?

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I loved the smell of Oakite 92 in the morning. It meant that it was almost end of shift at the brewery summer job.


“Our floors are clean enough to eat off of!”


“Our floors are just as clean as our tables”.

100% true.


If they’re doing that in the public area, just imagine how they’re cleaning the kitchen.


refrain from using a floor mop to clean tables in the children’s area.

Just in the children’s area though. Other areas, it’s fine.

Seriously, if anyone eats at a fast-food restaurant, they should expect this. I would never assume that the tables are one rag away from being covered in someone’s sick.

Hey, as long as it’s dry . . . .

OTOH, that’s prolly the cleanest those tables have been in months.

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I’m not sure if this is standard practice, but I’ve heard stories from people who worked in housekeeping (hotels and cruises). Some take the used towels and use those as makeshift cleaning rags before throwing them into the laundry.

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