Wendy's fires staff after sink used as bathtub

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Hey, they forgot the ducky…


People do realise, I assume, that even a teenage Wendy’s employee is probably the least gross thing that gets washed in that sink on a regular basis?


Gross lol.

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I was just going to say that. Having worked back of house? This includes soap, in an area that can be scrubbed down. Not the grossest thing to ever happen in a kitchen.


Oh f’chrissakes, that shit is just funny. C’mon people, let they without stupid teenage stupidity in their past cast the first stone. In an age before cellphone videos, this would have been an awesome party story, soon forgotten after Chad jumped off the roof into the deep end of his aunt’s pool and did like, a totally awesome cannonball.


His promising career ahead of him at Wendy’s is now down the drain.


OK, but Wendy’s could lose millions in sales in the next week as people around the country forego Wendy’s in favor of the place across the street until this fades from their mind. I guess it is feasible that this could work as stealthy viral advertising, but I doubt it. This location might even close if people get grossed out and avoid it. These places can often be on the cusp of profitability in small towns like this, and a month or two sales dip might really break the bank, putting all those teenagers and other local workers out of a job. There are many cases of restaurants closing because of false news stories and other bad press like this. It also indicates a lack of discipline and control on the part of the local owner/manager/shift manager. If this is happening, maybe they aren’t cleaning out the frosty machine when something falls in it, or something even worse. Even Wendy’s customers don’t deserve this, and firing a few teenagers is small potatoes compared to the potential consequences for the company and the franchise location.


I don’t know if the PR hit in this case is really that devastating, but it is true that big chains and franchise businesses have a monoculture problem. They’re exposed to national publicity problems (and corporate financial problems) that organic local businesses aren’t. Plus, if this were a diner or something, they might have the kind of personal relationships with customers where they could talk through the hysteria in person.


Sure, I agree, just kids being kids. But it’s still a job, they do get trained on how to behave, including sanitation requirements, and this was inappropriate. I’ve seen people get fired for less back in the days BEFORE cell phone cameras.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. They’ll learn a lesson about the difference between a job and their personal time. Or not. But I can’t fault the place for firing them at all.


A loving memory to last their ages, and BTW, does anyone know how hard it is to keep moral up on min. wage, it ain’t easy folks…


And here I was, all set to visit a Wendy’s for the SuperBar. (It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a Wendy’s)

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Yes, teenagers have been doing stupid things like this since forever. They have also been getting fired for doing stupid things like this since forever.






It seems like one of these “employee-in-the-sink” videos shows up every six months or so. Nutty kids.

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My girl-friend bathed in the dish sink, I thought it was hot.
I still think its hot.

I once worked double shifts for 2 weeks straight with one (the same one) floor person.
I didn’t bathe in the sink but I probably should have.


It’s also a safety violation that (should) ensure a stern letter and frequent audits from OHSA.

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at least the sink was clean?

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Maybe, but a lot of people wouldn’t have thought so after the dude put his naked butt on and in it.

I’d like a large Coke-E-coli with no ice, please.