Wendy's fires staff after sink used as bathtub

You have no idea how many people bathe their babies and dogs in the kitchen sink…LOL

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Yeah, I think everyone probably does. But sinks in restaurants - even fast-food joints - aren’t used just for washing pots and dishes. I doubt if Wendy’s does it this way, but peeled potatoes are often stored under water in sinks until they’re needed for cooking.

I was at most ~5 years old (not in the 1st grade yet) when I saw one of my maternal uncles bathing in the kitchen. How could that be, you may ask. In those days (and quite possibly still), many NYC brownstones and similar residences kept bathtubs in the kitchen (supposedly to fill in? – or as backup? – for the ‘communal’ hallway bathrooms). Like those, the one I saw had a large flat wooden flip-down hinged board that could be lowered to (unsuccessfully) hide the tub and (perhaps) double as another kitchen utility surface. Anyway, there’s my uncle, in the tub, and in walks my aunt (his wife) carrying one of my baby cousins. There’s a handoff and my uncle repeatedly dunks the baby in and out of the tub. I remember being mesmerized by the whole thing, it being so different. All I can think now is how everything about it was efficient. A dual-use tub (bath/work surface) and two people in the tub.

What exactly do they deserve?



I was 30 before I figured out under what circumstances I was allowed to wash my hands in the kitchen sink. After urinating, no. After making hamburger patties, yes.

Upside, viral media sensation.

Meh, childish but I remember people doing far, far worse when I ran a fast food joint.

The ball pits were far worse. Both for what the kids did in it, but even more so what the teens did in it.

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