Burger King installed a sauna


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No food in the sauna? In a Burger King? This is a contradiction of all that is right and good.


Suddenly I really, really want a Double Whopper with cheese. And onion rings.


I just kind of want one of those Burger King sauna towels…


Mmm. Steamed hams.


A naked guy with a ‘home of the whopper’ towel is just what you need to see before lunch.


In America, the Double Whopper with Cheese sweats are the burger king sauna…


Yeah, the only thing people are supposed to be cooking in there is themselves.


No sou vide whoppers?


Glad that they mention before – one really doesn’t want to get trapped in a steamy whopper dutch oven.


No, please Dog no.


Nothing makes a Whopper taste better than eating it alongside a bunch of sweaty naked guys.

You want fries with that?


Have it your way.


Something tells me they don’t understand much Yiddish in Helsinki


Of course it’s in Helsinki. Why’d I even try guessing.


There’s not much risk of that happening. No towels in Finnish saunas. You just use one if you want to go outside to cool down or to dry yourself afterwards.


This doesn’t make it better.


You’re missing out, my friend. :wink:

Saunas are great egalitarian places where everyone is on equal footing, so to speak. Btw, here’s a photo from outside of my old local sauna:


I’m actually surprised not to see any hyperbolic smugness of the “I just don’t understand how anyone can eat that awful stuff” variety, that usually shows up whenever anyone mentions fast food.

Well, I suppose it’s Burger King, not McDonald’s.


Yeah. It’s not like we’re talking Arby’s here.