The chemical burn of Burger King's bizarre Angriest Whopper


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Poison! Pure poison I tell you!


Doesn’t sound appealing to me. She might like it, though:


What sort of acid?
Acetic acid? Nitric acid? Lysergic acid?
(note that capsaicin is not an acid … it’s a flavoring, like vanilla)


After I tried their black-bunned Halloween burger I pooped dark green for a few days. I shudder to think what this bright red bun will do.


Have you seen Alien?


This burger produces nothing out of the ordinary (had one on Sat.). I tried the black burgers as well, and know what you mean.

Biggest issue with this burger is that the spiciness is weaksauce. Somehow they even dumbed down the jalapenos. Needs sriracha.


Better stick with the Donulds.


Given the bun’s resemblance to one of these that’s what I’d expect.


Almost looks like food


I’ve eaten those. They’re tasty!

You have to dry and prepare.them right, otherwise they might kill ya.

From a guy who eats poisonous mushrooms for fun… Don’t eat that hellwhopper.


Looks nothing like food.


My 5-year-old son loves burgers. Cheeseburgers, actually. Specifically: cheeseburgers prepared plain, no-meat. Or: bun + cheese and not a grilled-cheese, thank you.

We went into BK on Saturday on a potty-break and decided to pick up “dinner” for the kids. Monkey was excited to get a burger “but not that red one.”


I’ll give it a try out of curiosity. Their “black burger” was pretty tasty – the bun really tasted like steak sauce, which I didn’t expect.


And you passed up this review?

(Slightly NSFW Lang. )


if it does not glow everything is fine


I kind of liked the angry ones. I assume this one is angrier?


So…in other words…

I’m not gonna say it, you all know by the picture.


Still my favorite line of all time when having unfamiliar spicy food.


All y’all are gettin so FAT, y’all are calling burgers “SANDWICHES”!
Time to get some perspective.