Burger King's gothburger



All-black chicken is perfect for goth urban homesteaders

Surely I’m not the only one who remembers the Darth Vader burger? It hasn’t been that long. (Not that I ever got a chance to try it myself.)

EDIT: Oh, wait, they do mention that one. (It just seems to have been weirdly absent in the other coverage thus far.)


I’m thinking that they should offer a grilled chicken sandwich using these guys and make it completely black through and through.


I foresee pitch-black shits in someone’s future… :shit:


I bet Dethklok would be INTO This.


Seems like I just read about that charcoal blackened cheddar here a month ago. I know people have been using charcoal/ash to make cheese forever but not to completely blacken it. I still can’t find black cheese to order anywhere online.

Anyway, it seems like someone at Burger King moved damned fast on this one.


No, I simply refuse to believe this. Somebody over at the Guardian just believes every damn thing the Japanese make up. Hey! Katamari-Damacy burger!



These fast food Photos always look better than what you actually get, I shutter to think what this really looks like.


If you’ve ever eaten squid ink pasta then the end result won’t be much of a shock; but if you haven’t…well don’t call a doctor it’s fine, it’s supposed to look like that. You are not dying.


You can find black cheese here: http://www.finecheesesltd.co.uk/fineCheeses.asp?fineCheesesExclusive=true

It looks like you’d have to call them and ask for it. It’s called “Char Coal TM Cheese” is a mature cheddar, and is “exclusive” to their site. As this place is located in the UK availability might be an issue if you’re in the US.


looks as delicious as a vinyl record left in the sun.


Uh, that was like, uhm, idunno, kinda, er, ah, wait…what was the question?


You guys are wimps (pun intended). I’m gonna order a pack of these, FedExed overnite from Japan to my door! Yum!


I tried one and sure enough – shat bats.


Brain, stop. No imagining of a parasitic bat whose one of its developmental stages happens inside of goths’ digestive tract!

WATCH: Rabid bat attacks guitarist

This is going to be bigger than Twilight!


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