Deliciously creamy cheese blended with charcoal


SInce when is cheddar supposed to be creamy? Might as well advertise a wonderfully hard and crystalline brie. I suppose the charcoal will do you no great harm. I don’t know if you can metabolize elemental carbon, though, so perhaps your excrement will also have the color and consistency of the cheese.


Reminds me of Funkadelic’s ‘Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad’: fried ice cream is a reality.

Sounds like a hard time on the toilet afterwards.


Charcoal isn’t harmful in the least. In fact it’s recommended to ingest some if you have severely upset stomach. Usually this is done in hospitals for people who swallow too much alcohol, or random stuff. All it does is balance out the PH in your stomach. Along that line of thought i wonder if the charcoal might make the cheese easier on the stomach of people who might suffer from acid reflux. Who knows. Either way i’d totally try the cheese if i could get some.


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I love these combi-devices. Absorbs poison gases, cleans your teeth, and cheese!


While eating it, you can’t help but wonder: how much more black could this be?


Wouldn’t charcoal suck the flavor out of anything? It’s like the molecular sponge.


This brings us closer to realizing the punchline about tight sphincters and pooping diamonds.


If this cheese was not legal would they be reading you your Carbon Miranda Rights?


That’s activated charcoal though, is it not? Is this?
(though, as you say, it won’t kill you)

I put it to you, Good Gentlefolk, that this is no longer cheddar, it is now processed cheese. Charcoaly, black processed cheese, but processed cheese nontheless.


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Serve toasted on bamboo charcoal bread. Providing you can work out when to stop toasting.


I’ve gotten, a couple times, from our fave local cheesemonger, Rainbow Grocery, these charcoal crackers, that have a nice texture and a mild flavor. They’re marketed as a sort of neutral vehicle on top of which the cheese flavor (and maybe color?) might best shine, but they’re a nice snack on their own. But I’ve always preferred licking cheese off my fingers to nibbling cheese from crackers, anyway.

I’d prob’ly be happy to lick this charcoal cheese off my fingers, too…

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Let me guess…it’s a regional speciality for travellers, along the lines of dog’s head stuffed with macerated cabbage and pork noses.

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I’m wondering how my teeth would be after sampling this cheesy comestible.

Activated charcoal is safe for most adults when used short-term. Side effects of activated charcoal include constipation and black stools. More serious, but rare, side effects are a slowing or blockage of the intestinal tract, regurgitation into the lungs, and dehydration.

Doesn’t gel with “in the least” :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’d most certainly try it. :slight_smile:

of course i’d have to keep this in a “separate but equal” container in my fridge from the sharp white cheddar…cheesepartide.

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