Deliciously creamy cheese blended with charcoal

I too have tried charcoal crackers, and they are actually really good - they really complement a good cheese. The ones I had were from The Fine Cheese Co and I believe they are pretty widely available at specialty stores and places like Whole Foods. I recommend them highly!

Charcol peanuts. Amazing.

But where would the flavor go…? You’re still eating the cheese.

Reminds me a bit of the question of whether the sea level would rise or fall if you threw a billion sponges into it.

separate but equal

How food divides us. I’ve never before considered Arianism in a cheesy light. Do you find yourself being accused of heresy? Obviously there’s hummus homoiousianism knocking about, but this is something else.

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i suppose i could also separate them with a neutral third party cheese such as swiss cheese…but that might just make the blue cheese even more sad. :slight_smile:

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