Black Lemonade


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Also not a good idea if you’re taking any medication, including the Pill.


I hope you don’t need to take any maintenance medications or medication in general. The charcoal will do its absorbing thing and make your prescription less effective.


Ingesting activated charcoal can be harmful to someone taking medication because it will absorb everything in your stomach.


You beat me to it by literally a few seconds.


We must prevent that Gothics are dying out!

Seriously, back in the day that probably would have sold well at my favourite club. On the other hand, in the dim lighting they had at the upstairs bars, Cola, Altbier or Jägermeister also looked, well, black.


Back in the day when all the bars had black lights every draw G&Ts cu thry glowed under the UV lights. :wink:


Came to complain about health effects. Was not disappoint.


This fad of black grub and drinks and paints too shall pass. But some of us have a lifelong commitment to black. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to chase some kids playing goth off my black-grass lawn.


I’ve had these at a local oriental food market. Taste exactly like you’d think.


Oh yes, the glow-in-the dark gin-and-tonics. And the false teeth. And bits of white lint on your black clothes, dammit!


when life gives you lemons none more black, make black lemonade.


Black Lemonade sounds like a long lost Rudy Ray Moore movie.


@mrquick, but not quick enough


Back in the day when teachers would talk to you about suicide and drugs if you showed up to school wearing a black shirt, maybe this would have been hip and edgy. Now… Meh. Not worth the effects of the activated charcoal, and not even worth the novelty.


And won’t even have to change color.


Tried bubble tea once. One surprise was that the little balls in the bottom were black. Now I’m hoping it was squid ink or something. I must admit, having pasta in the bottom of my tea didn’t really do anything for me.

Some possible safer alternatives: squid ink, artichoke liquor . . .


My school uniform was mostly black.

It was a Church of England School, and Graham Dow, the former Bishop of Carlisle, thought that wearing black could lead to demonic possession. I don’t know what he had to say to the school about it though.


You can have all kinds of colors of lemonade, including black, using a little food coloring, without any of the charcoal side effects. Why all the hype over coloring food black?


It sucks up Vitamin C and leaves the sugar!
It’s like something Neil Gaiman’s Famine would think up.