No matter how cool superblack activated charcoal food looks, it's a bad idea


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I’ll stick to my Whiskey, it’s proven safe after many years of diligent research.


Haha, I love following what particular reading material rabbit-hole that BB front-page folks are going down based on their sequential posts.

But how was it filtered? It’s carbon turtles all the way down, man!


I might make squid ink ice cream. It could be OK, I doubt it’ll be black though… probably kinda’ lavender.


I was thinking that the activated charcoal in the ice cream couldn’t possibly be entirely healthy. Didn’t think on the fact that it could disrupt medications from being absorbed.


One of my favorite moments in the original Iron Chef was when they made squid ink ice cream.


Oh, I get it now. This is why Japan has so many all black gimmick foods like the black burger. Their birthrate isn’t enough to sustain the nation, and thus they need more people getting pregnant. Sneaky.


But the same wonderful properties that lets activated charcoal bond to molecules of poisonous chemicals in your bloodstream also lets it snap up other compounds, like your birth-control pills, antidepressants, heart medicine, and other useful substances.

I actually laughed out loud. Well played, the internet!


How’d it go over with the panel?


Are you researching at this very moment?


Who doesn’t love squid ink ice cream?!?


It’s the “medication” absorption part that would sabotage @Papasan "research”.

Hear that, Paps?!



Wouldn’t “de-activated” charcoal have the same pigmenting properties but lack the same absorptive functions?


As I don’t take any medication, am I cool with the superblack?


Possibly re pigmenting, definitely re absorption. Activated is quite porous.


I would expect the microporous surface on activated charcoal to be darker. A smooth surface reflects a certain amount of light; on a porous one, you’ve got more potential for reflected light to re-encounter the surface and get absorbed.


What if you are not on any medication? Is it OK then?

Wouldn’t it be good to have a activated carbon ice cream cone after my tuna sandwich so it can absorb all that mercury?


Hmmm, Ginger juice… sounds right.


Go easy on the wow-wow sauce.


I prefer black sesame ice cream anyway. If you haven’t tried it, it looks like cement: gray with just a hint of purple, and it tastes wonderful.