Burger King launches cryptocurrency in Russia

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/08/29/burger-king-launches-cryptocur.html

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1700 Russian Rubles = $29 USD

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I think technically it’s trucking money since it can only be spent in the company shop.

Slightly OT I notice that “Burger King” has been directly rendered into Cyrillic as close to phonetically as possible, “Boorgyer Kink” since a terminal g is often close to a k. However, I have a very childish sense of humour and others might not find it funny. Kink can be very serious.

Burger Tsar’ might be seen as disrespectful; Burger Korol’ is a bit of a mouthful. I guess a literal translation would be Korol’ boolochok (Король булочок ). And indeed Google informs me that that is a Vopper.
(I used to take part in meetings where we freewheeled this kind of stuff when testing potential new trademarks. Basically almost anything you can think of turns out to be an insult or rude in somebody’s language.)


And about 6 Whoppers. So, buy six, get one free. Hmm, instead of a cryptocurrency, they could get a stamp card…


Who cares if McD’s accepts WopperCoins? The question is, what are they worth on the black free market? If they were trading for ten bucks, I don’t think people would be buying Woppers with them. They could be the Pogs of tomorrow!


Is Canadian Tire money a “cryptocurrency”? Perhaps the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is really Sandy McTire.


Hmm. The usual problem with those store currencies is that, depending on local laws, they’re stuck having to redeem them for a very long time. They also have to carry them on the books as a liability.

Still… Russia.


This sounds more like “skee-ball tickets” than cryptocurrency.


Green stamps.

Or whopper laundering.


I got 6 video cards sitting on the shelf. Time to go mining !!


Can’t I just pay in pickles?


I bet if McDonald’s had made the same move, it would have been a success…

Someone wanted a pr0ncoin. What’s the street rate of Woppers for BJs?

But their core business will always be cryptofood.


Depends how much you like woppers, I guess. I frekin love them!

The last Whopper I had tasted like fear.

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Why do you think I like them?

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