Burger King's Net Neutrality/Whopper Neutrality video is surprisingly excellent and says something about mainstreaming of net policy

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/25/whopper-neutrality.html

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Interesting… I see a MAJOR opportunity for PROFIT$.
Want a hamburger in the next 10 minutes ? PAY EXTRA.
Gonna start a blockchain on Hamburgers !!!

But the chains will have to pull it off like the airlines do.
Wanna fly next day ? PAY EXTRA.
Wanna carry a laptop on board ? PAY EXTRA.
Wanna cut in line at the TSA checks ? PAY EXTRA.


…and again?

You guys should really read Boing Boing, it’s entertaining and informative.


Unfortunately, Chik-fil-A is still bankrolling anti-LGBT causes and its sales are exploding. I think for most Americans, a tasty chicken sandwich is more important than the causes the company supports.


Burger King fixes Net Neutrality.

Next step – fix their burgers.



It’s unheard of for middle-of-the-road, please-everyone corporations like Burger King

That’s not really Burger King. Their customers are mostly young men that don’t have much money. A video like this that makes it to Reddit and BoingBoing is marketing directly to their people.


Why do you hate capitalism? Nickle-and-diming people is how we MAGA!

Recently in a situation without many other options I caved and decided to try one of their sandwiches after hearing all the hype. It was tasty, but not mind-blowing enough for me to swallow the bigotry along with it.


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For most Americans, salt is taste.


FUCK they are good chicken sandwiches though. I mean, I don’t go there anymore but don’t think I haven’t thought about it.

In America’s capitalist society, every consumption is political - the movies you see, the stores you shop at, the pizza’s you order and even the chicken sandwiches you buy.

In most instances, every dollar you spend gets turned against you in the form of political contributions from the parent monopolies that forward an agenda contrary to your wellbeing and prosperity. As long as you keep buying their chicken sandwiches, pizzas, clothes, etc.


Hey, speaking of Burger King – didn’t they do some sort of net neutrality video or something? I thought I heard they did somewhere…


No, they aren’t, and that’s the weird irony; they’re extremely mediocre. A company that’s built their entire business around chicken sandwiches with a side of righteous god-fearing faith serves a worse chicken sandwich than either McDonalds or Burger King.

Absolutely, and it’s notable that their sales spiked after the LGBT controversy; when fast food eaters realized they could proactively fund anti-gay-marriage causes by eating chicken sandwiches, they became more popular.


In a darkened, dust-filled chamber lit only by a thin shaft of sunlight, Comcast opened the Great Ledger, traced a shaking finger down column after column, page after page, then stopped near the end of the section for the letter B, drew a quill pen from a ravensblood inkwell, and struck Burger King forever from the List.


shouts out to @mr_raccoon for getting the scoop!


“I’d gladly pay you $26 tomorrow for a hamgurger today.” As quoted by Wimpy, from Popeye cartoon.


Got to admire the telecoms who manage to legislate a way to make more money for not doing their job.

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Bullshit, that’s your bias talking. I am an aficionado and although they’re not as good as you’d get at an actual chicken place, they beat the shit out of McD’s and Burger King.

My goodness! I didn’t know I was replying to a deep-fried chicken sandwich aficionado.

Do you subscribe to Chicken Sandwich Monthly? I hear there’s a fantastic article this month regarding the ongoing pickle debate – one, two, or none.


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