Burglar breaks into escape room but can't break out

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This is the best possible advertisement for an escape room business. If they didn’t have footage, I’d have guessed it was a PR stunt.


I guess crime is not an intelligence test.


It’s a great schadenfreude story, but unfortunately not true. He called the cops from the phone in the lobby because he got freaked out by the “Kill Room”.

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I would be tempted to make that room a fake compactor walls with dianoga eyestalk rug.


So many puns…

Although he was apparently also not able to get out (of the whole building, not of any of the rooms- escape room exit doors don’t actually lock).

According to the owner of the business commenting on another site, he damaged the back door trying (and failing) to get in through it. He then got in through an adjoining unit- that unit was empty and he found a key to its front door by breaking into a service closet, then opened the connecting door and pushed over the lockers the escape room people had stacked against it.

At this point he presumably found the “kill room”, panicked, tried to get out through the back door, and couldn’t get it open because of the damage he’d caused trying to force his way in. In what was probably a chemically altered state of mind, he couldn’t find his way out the way he came in. So he dialed 911.

Although he did eventually work out how to open the back door, by this time the cops were waiting for him on the other side of it…


“You can’t escape the great taste of Bud Light.”

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