Burglar who trashes house found sleeping in bed

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/22/burglar-who-trashes-house-foun.html


When Jeff Hollbrook came home from work at 3:45am last Sunday, he found his house in complete disarray. So after calling the police, he began to record the damages – broken stained glass windows, furniture tossed around, a slept-in couch with a container of Kool-Aid next to it... he then goes upstairs and discovers the burglar in his bed. Thankfully the cops arrive shortly after and arrest the guy. When Hollbrook discovers the burglar it's like watching one of those faux-doc horror films, except this one is real.


Gonna go out on a limb and say I suspect he’s mentally ill, addicted to something hard, or both.


Or all of the above and then some.


The guy didn’t act like it was his first time being arrested.


Man, do people ever suck.

This reminds me of a guy I spoke to in the street about 3 years back, who said he was going to pretend to be suicidal so he could sleep a couple days in suicide watch simply so he could have the room to himself. He even said he didn’t give a damn about wasted resources or whether an actual mentally ill person needed the space.


“… and somebody’s been sleeping in MY bed, and he’s STILL been sleeping in my bed!” (Couldn’t find the actual clip, but here’s an earlier segment)


Might be nice to link the the guy’s website (as per his request when you use the video).

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Am disappointed that he is not wearing Goldilocks costume.


Chances are this tweaker left a big “gift” in the unflushed toilet. Wastes of oxygen like this shirtless loser seem unable to resist increasing the victim’s sense of violation in every way possible.

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The guy allowed embedding and that’s all BoingBoing did. They didn’t edit the video in any way. Attribution is right there at the start.

Which is why i said ‘might be nice’ and not ‘fuuuuuuuuuu! yer breaking the roools!’.


Kinda reminds me of my childhood.

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I can attest to the veracity of that. I was broken into many years ago in San Francisco and the gentleman left a large steaming pile right in the middle of the floor. We guessed that it was part of his victory celebration, after he fruitlessly ripped the alarm control panel out of the wall. The cops told me that marking territory in that way was a common practice among a certain segment of society.


Did he check his porridge supplies?


Legalize it all and spend the money on mental health treatment instead of incarceration.

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In fairness, he was practicing for his future presidential run.


How is he a burglar if none of the victim’s possessions left the premises?

Kool-Aid and drugs. He didn’t get away with the drugs, but I think he got away with some Kool-Aid.

Funny that you guessed that’s what he read your words to mean. Maybe it was the “might be nice” followed by the (what he asked you to do). Can’t really add the snide part without being heard as snide. Might be nice to leave that off. <— that was for illustration purposes only.

The house is full of stuffed bears too.