Burglar who trashes house found sleeping in bed


Honestly, crack is a hell of a drug. Don’t do drugs, kids…MMMMKAY?



To be fair, it sounds like this guy might have been homeless himself.


Burglary only means unlawful entry with an intent to perform a crime. Normally it’s theft, but it could be vandalism, assault, and so on. Breaking and entering, in other words.


A similar thing happened round here; this burglar wasn’t woken by the residents and was still asleep when the police arrived.

The lesson would seem to be that you should take your drugs after you do the burglary, not before.


Yes, but he was basically telling me that he wasn’t willing to do even the minimal route of the communal sleeping quarters like the rest of the guys that were out there with us.


Thanks! I think as a child I developed my understanding of the word based on what the Hamburglar does, which is primarly stealing burgers, and so I never bothered to look up the definition.

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