Couple filmed "invading home" to challenge man staying there

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If I was their neighbour, I wouldn’t tell them their own house was on fire, never mind whatever the fuck I felt like doing with my own house.


I’n not sure, but this is a felony, called trespass. isn’t it? In some justididins is lawful to use deadly force, isn’t it?


What kind of world do these people live in where they think they are entitled to police other people’s property like that? I hope they get the fame they so richly deserve for being racist.


The United States of White People, ca 2020. Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste explains this better than I can, but she could have used this as an example.

They weren’t policing the property…they were policing the people. The home invaders can’t accept that a Black person has the same autonomy as they do, just as the upper castes in India don’t accept that for Dalits (née Untouchables).


I thought it had been all quiet on the Karen front for a while.


I went in expecting to see shitty entitled white people. I came out having seen shitty entitled white people and shitty AirBNB drama. In the past, BoingBoing has posted articles on how AirBNB is driving up rents and is overall bad news for your neighborhood when people sit on empty properties and rent them out short-term. I think I remember one of the sentiments on BBS then being how having an airbnb in your building/neighborhood can be frustrating. Here is a case where the property owner is doing this and not telling his neighbors, who are both probably justifiably concerned about strangers in an empty house in their neighborhood and possibly racist MAGA-heads. All I can say is this is why I prefer VRBO, as these tend to more often be in vacation rental areas where people expect short-term renters.


We have a legal system. I don’t hope they get famous, I hope they get jail time. A lot of it.

That’s when this stops: when BBQ Beckies start getting charged with anti-swat laws or terroristic threat charges. When people who commit hate crimes like this get charged with them. When murderers get time, even if they are wearing a uniform.

(ETA: Cops are also not dumb weapons. They need to stop seeing the call as authentic and start seeing it as “This is something we need to investigate before we go in shooting. Find out what is happening. And not shoot anyone until after they shoot first.”)


Unfortunately if anyone called the police it would more likely be the AirBnB renter who ended up arrested or dead, no matter what the law says.


If there’s a video recording of a felony, a complaint about trespassing could be done after, even by the landlord.


WOW. Holy shit. Mind you’re own goddamn business, people.


As far as the video… the “Leopold & Loeb” effect? An “Ian” and a “Karen” urging each other on until a pocket of hunkered down stupidity becomes energized then unleashed.


Someone filmed a video of themselves acting as vigilantes?

Sounds like more covidiocy

If I were a homeowner, I think my neighbors thinking they can just waltz into my home like that would lead me to contact the police, AFTER my POC renter was finished using it.

Dayum, Karen!


Oh, the caucasity of these people. I just can’t even imagine having this kind of response to seeing people going into a neighbor’s property.


The Remarque line “it is very queer that the unhappiness of the world is so often brought on by small men” fits so nicely here. But in a rare moment of inclusion we get a small woman in the mix too.


In one of these events soon, the unwanted home invaders are going to be mistaken for unwanted home invaders.


The sheer audacity, though…


Karens never learn.

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If nothing else, the person who rented the house through AirBNB should tell the landlord about this so the landlord can change the keys or (if anything has gone missing) file a complaint asking the police to investigate if the neighbors are guilty of breaking and entering.

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