Man enters wrong house and sleeps in wrong bed


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…wakes up, puts on wrong clothes, drives wrong car to wrong job, collects wrong paycheck and raises wrong family…



Every now and then this happens most anywhere.


That makes a lot more sense to me than a specific person “owning” a specific house.


Anywhere that serves alcohol, anyways.


Grrr, jinx.

There are those people who think that everyone in their life has been replaced by a duplicate, but I think we can blame the inebriation here.

There are lots of stories of burglars who raid the fridge and liquor and are found asleep in the house.


So, next time I find a complete stranger in my house, the first think to do is to post the video on youtube? Feels legit.


Few years back there was a news item where a Marine stumbled into an apartment in Okinawa, crawled into the futon and cuddled up to the woman therein. Morning comes and he is woken up to a bacon and egg breakfast prepared by a woman he’d never seen before in his life.

Turns out alcohol was involved on both sides.

The twist to the story? They ended up marrying each other and raising a few kids together.


“Mr Goldilocks was unavailable for comment.”


Coming home, I drove into the wrong house and struck a tree I haven’t got.


This happened to me a number of times in college, both as victim and perpetrator.


Also, because in Canada, by tradition, many people never lock their front doors.


So how many times did you end up marrying and raising children?


Yeah, in college I once woke up at 3am to find a drunk girl trying to get into my bed with me. I’d never seen her before. When I offered to help her find her way (failing the life-imitates-porn test miserably, but passing the affirmative-consent test with flying colors) she simply left without a word.


I never had anything like that happen, but I did once wake up on the floor sleeping on my roommate’s electric guitar. He was in bed also in quite bad shape.

Uttered early the previous evening, “Wow, this is super tasty! You say it is called 'long Island iced tea?”


Came for this, am not disappointed :clap::clap:




I have gotten off on the wrong floor in my building and started cursing my damn keys for not working. Fortunately - no one was home.


I had a cat do this to me once! He got the wrong floor and ran inside my condo after meowing outside loudly. The he got all freaked out because he didn’t recognize anything, and I couldn’t get near him, and he wouldn’t go near the door back outside.

No tags at all, so I bought a disposable litter and locked him in the front bedroom. I was woken the next morning a bit before 7 by the lady upstairs who accused me of stealing her cat. Hey asshole! Don’t let your cat outside, and if you do put some damn tags on it!