Burglar surprised to discover the lady he's robbing is an armed ax-throwing champ

That’s “preying on people.” Predating is for fossils, and what you do with a check.

Also, lol, armchair internet tough guy. “I wish other people would commit murder for a better society.”


predate (third-person singular simple present predates, present participle predating, simple past and past participle predated)

To prey upon something.



If you’d like to discuss grammar and wording, “murder” is a specific kind of killing, usually implying that someone was tried for the crime of that name and found guilty. Not many victims of home invasions receive that label after using lethal force to defend themselves and their homes.

I’ll decline to return an ad hominem attack, but I will share a bit about how “armchair” this is for me. Where I live, home invasions happen with some frequency, and the resident often receives violence or is actually murdered during the crime. A case from a few days ago in my town involved the invader tying up the home owner and cutting off his fingers while asking for the location of the safe. In a “civilization” administered by a government, such individuals should be permanently removed, for the safety of the rest of us, but that is not how our government operates its “justice system.” Therefore, I do advocate killing such individuals in a defense scenario… I consider it the opposite form of killing from “murder.”


Chop first, ask questions later.

Boing Boing has only been posting a combination of serious news stories and random amusing fluff for the past 15 years or so. I’m not sure why you were expecting exclusively hard-hitting journalism, or whatever the opposite of “non-story” is.


But humans are an exceedingly rare and endangered species, only able to live at a few tiny, scattered and threatened ecosystems. Killing a burglar would be a terrible crime, since they are so unusual and valuable. They deserve federal protection, obviously, under any sane system of laws; they are a part of the historical human environment that might die off if we don’t protect it from all the vicious whales and baby seals.

Now, if humans were actually so numerous as to be a threat to their own environment (like white-tailed deer) then it would be not only acceptable to kill them, but also to skin and eat them. Aren’t you glad we don’t live in such a world? Pass me that kujira.

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Maybe it’s me (sniffs armpit), but it seems from my reading of the BB comments that the “this is a non-story and it shouldn’t have been posted” posts are multiplying as of late.

Also, this comment is a non-comment and should be ignored as such.

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Is it a meme? You’re right. I request and require that those posts disappear up their own arses immediately.

BB celebrates freedom of choice - why choose to do that which upsets you, in all this great free internets, I ask you.


Honestly, not one single reference to “One of My Turns” until now? How disappointing.

And Cory probably wouldn’t have posted it even if it had.

Yeah right. We all know your kind always carry a pencil AND a moleskine wherever you go!

PS: I carry them.

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