Woman arrested for shooting at man who tried to take one of her mangoes


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Glad that my mother-in-law isn’t armed… She tends to get upset when I prune her mango tree (as well as the other fruit trees).


Don’t ask what she did to the kids that wouldn’t let go of her Eggo waffles.


Just a BB gun? Weak. What say we take up a collection and get her some real ordnance?


Stand Your Groundfruit?


I was wondering how she shot out the rear window of the truck. That’s a pretty high-powered BB.


Did he blame Anansi?


If she were a white guy with a confederate flag on his baseball cap, he’d be free based on the castle doctrine.


There are pellet guns for hunting that rival .22. rimfire weapons not only for velocity and mass - but also for stuff that many use .22s for such as plinking, varmint & small game hunting. Some air-gun people supernatural with what they can do even with something meant to be a child’s training device or toy.

For shattering glass though, a child’s daisy BB gun can be enough even for some auto glass. I know this from seeing this happen (accidentally) as a teenager. As an adult, one accidentally broke (spider crack) the interior surface of my car (1980’s era 190D) because I was swatting a bug. My ring barely touched the glass and it cracked. Kinda like the combination emergency seatbelt cutter/auto-glass devices, some of which are key-rings.

The lady who shot the guys window should not have done this even if walked few feet onto her lawn and took the mango. Might have been wrong of him, depending on the local laws - but shooting someone with an air-gun is even worse. Spraying him with a garden hose would have been been an overreaction too in either case.

But it seems here that the mango was on a branch that was hanging over public property and in most places would be fair game for anyone to take. I wonder how many people she’s taken pot-shots at who did not call the police.


This happened in Florida, and the headline doesn’t read “Florida Woman…?” Someone’s dropping the ball on Internet clichés.


As noted, there are .177 cal and .22 cal “bb guns” (probably more accurately called single shot pellet guns). With the right pellet, some can achieve speeds of 1400+ fps (that’s the speed of a “high velocity” .22 round, as standard is around 1040fps).

also as noted, shooting anything at someone is a pretty dick move, particularly considering that this was over a mango. Contrary to popular thought, you can kill someone with a “bb gun”.


I was kinda surprised the news anchor even bothered to say it was a “bizarre story”. You’d think that to a Floridian news anchor something like this would be so mundane that he’d not even bother to give it a good lead-in.


yup, as much as people bitch about CA, and talk about “the big one” somehow tearing CA off the US map, can we please start about some giant sinkhole opening up and separating FL from the mainland?


Global climate change ought to take care of that in the next hundred or two years, whether or not we try to stop it now.


Good point. With the average height above sea level being only 6 feet, and some places as low as 3 feet. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS WAIT!!!


Porch door flies open.
Suspect flees in shot up car.



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But isn’t Florida a state where they have those “stand your ground” laws? How does this not apply?


She was in fear for her mangoes, not in fear for her life.



(There are several states I’d like to see this happen to. Sadly, most of them are landlocked.)