Burning Man purges one-percenter camp that charged up to $100K, littered like crazy, and ripped off its attendees

Really wish i could’ve attended Burning man about 10 years ago but at the time i just didn’t have the money and time. Would’ve been great to experience it before it became one of those trendy instagram type destinations. If I were to go to a burner event at this point I would much rather go to a smaller local event. I’ve talked about it before in other threads but I did get to camp by a small burner event in Nevada near Lake Mead (next to Hoover Dam) some years ago and I loved it.

I believe someone mentioned Austin does have something like that but i havent seriously looked into it yet.


Having never been i can’t say. But the fact that there’s a strong appeal to the event does lead me to believe that it is relevant to some, but the wild commodification of the event and just the overall difficulty to get there for the lay person i would be inclined to say that there are other smaller events that can better cater to people and local artists.


Not really. The first of the Ten Principles is, “Radical Inclusion: Anyone may be a part of Burning Man. We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community.”

Burning Man is going to have a hard time making a “cultural course correction” if the people charged with promoting its ethos refuse to accept what that ethos actually means.


No, it’s not.

*As long as they can get/afford a ticket.


I have never met a single “Burner” I could stand to spend an evening with, let alone a week(?) in the desert. I know that a lot of folk here are likely the exception, but it also seems like the sentiments expressed are riding decade-old vapors tinged with nostalgia for something that once seemed like a really great social experiment.


The one-percenters took over Bohemian Grove, the Burning Man of its day.


Leave no trace? Is that 747 still out there?

Having traveled beyond the bubble of the “first world”, I can assure you that I have seen first hand the “problem” of vast amounts of people gathering with the goal of increasing humanity’s happiness while decreasing the carbon footprint, is a problem for people in Mexico, India, Viet Nam and I imagine even “third world” places like the United Kingdom.


Do programmers use English as if it was a programming language? The word Festival encompasses many different things-- including religious, or quasi religious rituals.

It’s as if a devotee of Marian Catholicism started running around denouncing new religious movements as “cults”.

Yes and no, it’s off of BLM land on a private farm


Ask anyone who’s been, they will either talk your ears off about their next theme camp, or cynically explain how it jumped the shark just before they stopped going.

2006 was my third time, and I still feel “full” after that one. But the smaller local burns have not lost their allure. Flip side in Austen, Critical Massive in Washington state, most likely one near you… these are where locals test out the art they’ll bring to black rock. It’s less “fun” than the big event (for certain values of “fun”) but it’s vastly less money and effort.

So, yeah, still relevant in the sense that it still inspires local weirdness.


It seems as if that principle is the only one that the high rollers abide by- Radical Inclusion.

They break every last one of the other 9 principles.


Maybe I’ll make it to MooseMan. The big question would be: Go on my scooter or take the car?


Some people can’t get laid without others getting paid.
(See our current president)


You can still allow anyone, while requiring that those people follow the other rules. There’s no inherent ethos disagreement with saying ‘y’all rich people can come, but you have to play like everyone else, you can’t just show up and have a private party that goes against all of our goals’.


Interesting description and maybe it explains what the actual problem is. Humano does not seem to be about a rich person attending Burning man, but about rich persons without much sense wanting to build a camp only open to them and their friends.

I have never been to Burning Man, but if I had 100 000$ to spend (or far less), I would simply rent a vehicle with the level of comfort I want and bribe someone for a parking spot. That should not be difficult.

is not the topic of this article, and

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Do the Humano owners even attend, or is this purely a parasite entrepreneur operation run on-site by hirelings with Burner experience?

Heh. The Tragedy of the Uncommons.