Bus driver rescues a barefoot toddler running alone on a freeway overpass


I hope that kid paid the bus fare.


its people like her what keeps me from committing suicide :hugs:


I know what she was thinking - “Hey - free kid!”

Seriously though, nice for a happy ending for once.


All I see is a bunch of Americans, actually making America great.




My oldest brother was goddamned Houdini from an early age, and there are many, many family stories about him taking off and being found in various places.

Honestly when I hear these stories he’s who I think of, along with my poor parents. :no_mouth: Thank goodness for the bus driver and the passenger too.


Finally, a “Wonderful thing”!.

Not that BB cares, but these articles really do help navigate the shitstorm of horror that are the remainder of tRump, telecom megacorp shenanigan, and police abuse posts…


Just want to be clear – The article says the mother had a mental health crisis, so it’s not about her parenting skills.


I’ve learned to not expect such compassion or grace from Americans.


And I can just imagine the tweet from Agent Orange: “but immigrants…”


Oh, I forgot to add, wonderful job by all involved, that’s 100,000 kharma points in the bag for each individual.


My standing instruction for my kids if they ever get lost or are in danger is to find a mom and ask for help.


Sweet Eternally Bleeding Jeebus! You are suggesting that your kids approach an strange adult in a public place? Are you MAD???



I figure statistically that approaching an adult woman, especially one with kids, eliminates about 95% of the nefarious things that could happen to them. And I think to your broader point, I haven’t raised them to be terrified of life and other people, just skeptical.


LOL, I misread this as what you do when YOU find a missing child: Take it to a mother and let her deal with it!

Okay. I’m fine now. Laughing has subsided for now. Good advice though. Your kids will survive.


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