Bus driver rescues a barefoot toddler running alone on a freeway overpass


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just was seeing this on reddit not more than 5 min ago. well done bus driver!


the word “hero” is used too commonly but this is indeed a true hero


My god. As a father of two kids under 4, this makes me feel so much better about my own parenting skills.


Quite a few years ago, I was sitting in my apartment and saw a toddler in nothing but a diaper wander by my back sliding-glass door. It took me a moment to register “wait, toddler alone outside in winter is not normal…” before I ran out to corral him and try to find his parents. Thankfully, one of them did run out into the parking lot of the complex to look for him, and said “He’s figured out how to open doors!”





Well, she cut that toddler’s naive-lost-protagonist-finding-his-way-home-and-making-friends-along-the-way movie plot short.


Points to the passenger with the coat too.


This is exactly why when my kids were toddlers I attached a simple door latch to my kitchen door frame 5 feet off the ground. We lived in the country and I didn’t want them to decide to go outside on their own, especially in the winter or in the middle of the night.


My youngest child was an early walker, and early to open doors, but a late talker, and still has no sense of personal risk or danger. There was an exciting decade when all of our neighbors got used to us running out the door yelling child’s name and frantically searching the neighborhood. People from blocks away routinely had to return our wanderer. No manner of lock or gate could hold our little Houdini. Thank god for the kindness of strangers.


My youngest brother was a bit more prepared. He made his getaway on a Little Wheel. He traveled over a mile in a roundabout way to a major intersection 1/2 mile away before the police found him.

*photo not my brother


It takes the whole village to raise a child. Never truer words.


I can’t help but notice it’s only the women that are helping. Both men are just there for the show.


“Meh. She’s not blue. She’ll be okay.”


So glad she is safe. You got to love two year olds. She was just running along like she had some where to be.


Jane Jacobs’ “eyes on the street”, in action.

Also, I don’t think there’s any term, even a German one, that captures the combination of cuteness and terror that I experienced watching this video.


According to redditor Claeyt, the driver is an immigrant from Serbia, the child and it’s family are refugees from Burma, and the jacket-giver is the daughter of Ghanaians.

Immigrants Get the Job Done.


Damned straight.


I hope there’s some help available for her mother. Mental health issues are a bear to navigate.