Boy steals, crashes bus




In the Interest of Safety” perhaps not leaving the bus doors open and engine running in an unsecured area is a better approach.


So I’m a nine year old boy riding my bike,the bus is sitting there running and the door is open…What else could I do? At least I didn’t try to knock down the school building


My hometown! Other than that, I will add only that he was apparently wearing pajamas at the time. (


Kids today.

In my day, we would have known how to drive the bus, I would have picked up the other kids, dropped them off at school while swearing them to secrecy under penalty of severe concussions, then I would have dumped the bus into a ravine somewhere.


This is exactly how Snow Falling on Cedars begins.


I blame Grand Theft Auto.


The article didn’t mention anything about the person who left the bus running with the doors open. No charges laid indeed.


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