WATCH: baby in speeding stroller saved from falling over edge of steep slope


This is our new measure of importance… “yeah, but would you drop your phone for it?!?”

(or, perhaps, “hey, baby, I’d drop my phone for you”)

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Damn socialist. I woulda let the kid stop his own damn stroller… or maybe negitoated a price for service.

Awesome reaction. This guy scores much higher on my hero scale than a sniper.


Amazing. Glad the kid’s forward momentum wasn’t more.


Given that this guy is a fisherman, it’s worth it to note that salvage laws around rescuing boats has price negotiations built in to the process. I don’t know the details, and it seems like a lot of shouting across the water, but is apparently legally binding…

All that said, my wife did rescue an off-duty harbor patrolman (and his boat) who’d fallen off the back of his motorboat and was being towed out into open water on auto-pilot. She was in a little sailboat full of day-1 students, and didn’t ask for a thing except to know if the guy was alright. A few days later, he gave her a bottle of champagne, and his mother gave her a big, teary hug, so paid in full :smile:


Actually he saved the stroller, and gravity and friction took care of the child. But seriously, nice job saving the kid from serious harm!


Should I be troubled that I laughed out loud when the kid launched?

It just wasn’t what I was expecting from the “baby saved” headline.


I have to admit, there was something a little comical about the ragdoll physics example. Strap in your baby folks… and maybe don’t leave them next to hills.

In the vein of Russian dashboard cams, I predict a wave of people mounting Go-Pros to the noggins of their youngsters just in case a moment like this should happen again.


To be fair, “originally recorded Wednesday” is utterly irrelevant too.

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