Bus powered by cow poop beats speed record

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Suddenly all those beard wearing “hipsters” seem pretty prescient. Beard powered buses powered by the methane produced by the disgusting bacteria in a neckbeard. Tell me that isn’t hip.

I hope we get excrement-powered buses here in Winnipeg. I like a transit system that’s powered like it’s run.

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we wanted to get the image of bus transport away from being dirty, smelly, and slow

So cow shit was the first thing that sprang to mind?!

Is the term “biomethane” too off-putting? “Powered by cow poop” conjures images of shoveling raw manure into a gas tank, which seems like a very far cry from what is actually happening. Buses running off natural gas are not so different and are not particularly novel.

A real turd de force. They dung good, but I hope they don’t stand pat, or they might flop when someone passes them.


1 out of 3 ain’t bad!

Not sure why they had to make it go that fast; a smidge over fifty miles per hour is all a bus needs.

Absent very compelling engineering considerations, or a love of lost causes, I can’t imagine why you would break compatibility with existing CNG vehicles and infrastructure.

Biologically derived methane isn’t going to be exactly the same, lacking the modest slice of slightly longer chain hydrocarbons that natural gas typically has; but both are mostly methane, and the biological stuff might well require less scrubbing for sulfur and mercury to meet spec.

(On a different topic entirely, all this chatter about Mad Max recently and we’ve gone this far in a thread about biomethane without remembering what powers Bartertown?)


All the bus routes start with a number 2.


Now we know why he’s called ‘Master Blaster’: Fartertown runs on him.


I assume they’ll cover this on Top Gear.

“Britain has also invented a bus powered by human excrement.”

Gotta go to go. This puts new meaning to ‘depositing your fare’.

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