Can you run a car on what comes out of your butt?




Edited to add this quote: “F*** green, go brown!”


Mark, as usual you posts have shit written all over them. Stop writing about shit and talking shit.


Perhaps one should install taps on septic tanks.


That would be the shit!


Breaking wind power?


The answer is yes, if you have gasoline coming out of your butt. But really, at that point you have other things to worry about than how to fuel your car.


Yes, but not very far.


What? Rainbows and glitter? Shit yeah!


I think that’s normally just a sign of being employed by Aperture Science.

If you’ve cut yourself at all in the course of these tests, you might have noticed that your blood is pure gasoline.

That’s normal. We’ve been shooting you with an invisible laser that’s supposed to turn blood into gasoline, so all that means is it’s working.


Holy hell - I wonder if this is how those pods worked in The Matrix?


If my ass can power something like this, then I’m all in.


For his fortieth birthday my father got a lot of gag gifts, including a flatulence-fueled cigar lighter. It was basically a rubber tube with a lighter at one end and a nozzle you stuck…anyway, even at the time I thought it wasn’t a bad idea.


Sorry to break it to you, but there is no methane in human farts.


This post was worth it for the term “butt fracking” alone.


Might need some sort of collection apparatus, though.


Yes, cars will run from what comes out of my butt. And my wife will run from what comes out of my butt. As will the neighbors. And people in the next county over. And in Zimbabwe.

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