Redneck almost kills his buddy with a nitrous-powered office chair


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I also really worry about they guy’s inner ear: tears never really heal completely; instead they just glue over with glial tissue, a weak spot forever waiting to tear again, only worse.


If these guys were from Vermont, you’d call them Makers.


So, exactly how many G’s before blood starts forcing itself out of the ends of ones toes?


I lump this kind of shit in with “terrorist” attacks… you can’t stop people from doing stupid stuff.


All this needs is a ‘hold my beer’ preface.


People killing (only) themselves by being stupid preferably before reproduction is good for our species …

… so go on guys, perhaps try a DIY jet pack next.


It’s annoying that they, apparently, wasted two tanks of nitrous oxide. If your vehicle didn’t want to inhale that, I will!


Sad. They were this close to winning a Darwin.


Yeahhhhhh how’s your health insurance? 'Cause you’ll be needing it after a lung full of NOS+, which is different from USP nitrous in that it will fill you with lovely sulfur dioxide.


Would this still be as funny if they had been maimed or killed? I don’t think it’ll be that long before some other lucky bastard sees this clip and tries his luck. And then we can all do a side by side comparison.

Bonus round: we discover an open spark somewhere in the shop, before it can be vented!


Dangerous activities


performed in a controlled environment

I doubt that


No problem. Not even tempted.


“controlled environment” = “we tried to hold the chair down with straps”


Luckily nitrous oxide is non-explosive and non-flammable. :wink:
It only becomes a good oxidizer at high temperatures when the nitrogen-oxygen bond can break.


Ayuh, makin’ damn fools of themselves.

Stupid stuff does happen up here though. We lose a few people every year to driving vehicles onto bad ice.


I once saw a cable TV adventure episode where these goons drive a white Cadillac limousine onto the Tampa-St Pete bridge, stop midway, hook a utility-pole guy wire to the bridge and themselves to the other end and jump. It was set to stop just above the water. A cabin cruiser with more goons was standing by. Amazingly, only one was really injured.


I get the idea, the same as with propane. But I wonder what the concentration is, especially considering we implement things like low sulfur diesel. (Obviously the amount of diesel we burn is vastly higher than what little NOS is used to enhance engine power.)


Sunshine Skyway.


Yeah I don’t think those words mean what they think they mean. I hope the lawyers for whatever network stupid enough to air this made them sign about a million waivers.


Why all y’all hatin’ on redneck NASA?
Do you want those Russki dash cam vids to maintain YouTube superiority?