Bus ruins Weather Channel's livestream of Georgia Dome implosion

You can do a scaled-down version of this on a hot day with a jerrycan (which has petrol fumes in it) and a bucket of cold water. Impressive!
Saw this in the army - it was a lot easier to get kit replaced when it was destroyed instead of not working properly because it was slightly damaged.

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I know, its pretty silly to get uptight about exact word definitions, but for some reason this usage of implosion has bugged me for a while.

Maybe if we came up with a new word for this situation, like deplosion or unplosion. ( I am also not great at coming up with new words)

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It’s cool. Words have meanings. Though sometimes they will change if the misuse becomes great enough.

Controlled Explosion I think is the team they use.

Isn’t it still an implosion triggered by an explosion? After the initial explosion of critical support structures, the building implodes.

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Explosive implosion?
Explosive deconstruction?
Fun Time for Barry The Trigger Puller?

The building does collapse in on itself, but that is just due to gravity taking over once the supports have been destroyed.

In an implosion, the outer structure would be accelerated toward a center point, not just fall down.

In this scene from the movie The Abyss, the submersible implodes in on itself because the water pressure becomes too great for the structure of the craft to resist. Upon failure, the water crushes the submersible from all sides.

Also: I love the Abyss, seen it probably too many times. The water tentacle effect holds up really well.

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But, falling down is just gravity accelerating the building to a center point.

Wikipedia has a more elegant explanation than I can come up with.


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